Premier League Prediction 2017-2018

I used to make a big song & dance about this but not this time (although if anyone wants to comment with their prediction feel free) so it’s just a list of teams in the order I predict they will end the season in. Obviously the top & bottom took the longest consideration but it’s never easy.

Tottenham are at the top. I think Man City will be close but there’s something about them – I don’t think Guardiola has them quite right yet. Chelsea? A difficult second season not helped by poor recruitment & selling Matic.

At the other end it comes down to managers now, but if past form is anything to go by they might all be sacked by Christmas so who knows? If they are and the replacements are an upgrade I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mark Hughes take Stoke City down or Slaven Bilic drag West Ham into the mix.

And then there’s the ‘proper’ football down in League 2 and the greatest team in the world. I predict Cambridge United to be top half with a mathematical but unrealistic chance of the play-offs until April at least before missing out. Just like this season then, although without dragging along the bottom this time please. Disappointing yes, and predictable, but better than being a big fish in the Conference.

1. Tottenham Hotspur
2. Manchester City
3. Manchester United
4. Liverpool
5. Arsenal
6. Chelsea
7. Everton
8. West Bromwich Albion
9. Crystal Palace
10. AFC Bournemouth
11. Newcastle United
12. Burnley
13. Leicester City
14. West Ham United
15. Brighton & Hove Albion
16. Stoke City
17. Huddersfield Town
18. Swansea City
19. Southampton
20. Watford


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